The Storm Whale

The Storm Whale

Written by Benji Davies

Illustrated by Benji Davies

Published by Simon & Schuster Children's Books

Noi and his father live in a house by the sea. Noi’s father works hard as a fisherman, and Noi often has only their six cats for company. So when, one day, he finds a baby whale washed up on the beach after a storm, he is excited and takes it home to care for it. Noi tries to keep his new friend a secret, but there’s only so long you can keep a whale in the bath without your dad finding out...


Latest Reviews

Tom, 3

My favourite thing was saying goodbye, because whales love to be in the sea.

Paige, 3

I liked when he was with his daddy.

Jeevan, 3

Daddy made sandwitches.

William, 3

When I go home with my daddy and brother I see cows walking over the road.

Eva, 4

Picnic with the cat was nice.

Sienna, 3

I liked when Noi found the whale

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