The Snatchabook

The Snatchabook

Written by Helen Docherty

Illustrated by ​Thomas Docherty

Published by Alison Green Books

All the books in Burrow Down are disappearing! The bookshelves are empty and there are rumours of book thieves lurking under the animals' beds, stealing everyone's favourite books. Determined young rabbit Eliza Brown decides to confront the burglar and find out the truth about what he's up to - but when she meets the Snatchabook, he isn't quite what she was expecting. 

This delightful picture book from husband-and-wife team Helen and Thomas Docherty is perfect for reading aloud, and children will love the beautifully soft, warm illustrations of the woodland creatures settling down in their burrows for a bedtime story.

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Latest Reviews

Paige, 3

The Snatchabook took different books and read them.

Elina, 4

I liked it.

Rayan, 4

Good that Eliza read the story to the Snatchabook.

Harry, 4

I liked it when they had their books being read.

Zakary, 4

I liked when the Snatchabook took different books.

Year 1 Castleway, 5

We liked the story and how it had a mystery with people not knowing who was stealing the books. We liked the rhyming in the book. We thought Eliza was very brave even though she was feeling scared. It made us think about times we have been scared and have had to be brave. We thought it was fair that the Snatchabook had to put things right and he had lots of friends at the end. They were very kind to forgive him. We all loved the illustrations and we could spot some of our other stories in the book. We had just done the Three Little Pigs and noticed Eliza had this book too. We would recommend this book to our friends.

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