The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth

The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth

Written by Julia Lee

Published by Oxford University Press

When Clemency Wrigglesworth arrives in England from India, orphaned and penniless, she hopes that her long-lost relations will be waiting for her. Instead, she ends up being taken in by the lively and unusual Marvel family - Mrs Potchard, her son Gully, his aunt Mrs Marvel and her children Whitby and Leicester. 

An advertisement is placed in The Times, announcing the arrival of Miss Wrigglesworth in the hope that her real family will find her, and before long, a mysterious lady arrives to claim her from her new friends. But Miss Clawe's intentions are not all they seem, and before long, Clemency finds herself working as a scullery maid in her own ancestral home. 

Luckily her friends have not forgotten her, and Gully and Whitby orchestrate a daring rescue mission with the help of some not-very-genuine Red Indians. Meanwhile, Clemency is attempting to discover the truth about her family.

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Katie Parmenter, 9

I really enjoyed reading the mysterious misadventures of Clemency Wriggleworth

Clemency is utterly penniless and entirely alone until she's thrust into an adventure and she doesn't even that yet but then a frightening Miss Clawe comes and takes her away to her aunt's house and forced to be a maid. She is extremely confused as to why this has happened. Meanwhile, some not quite so 'red Indians' set out to find her and then an unexpected murder happens and her troubles stop very quickly.

There was so many different adventures and mysterys hidden inside the whole book. I really liked all of the description throughout the book and the way the author had written the book as they gave it a real good twist to it. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure books.

Chloe Lyons, 10

I love way it is set out. This story is set out it like a mysterious adventure for Clemency. I would read this book from finish to end withought doubt and read it all over again. I feel sorry for Clemency and her mama and papa that they died. I think that Mrs Claw killed Clemency's mum and dad or she is a reletive. I just can not wait till the end.

Jessica waters, 10

I like this book because it leeves cliff hanges at the end of the paragraph.It was exciting when someone was following Clemency. I think that Julia Lee should bring book 2 out.

Chloe Williams , 10

I love this book it is amazing i dont want to stop reading it!!!!!!! it is the best book i have ever read and i like it when it leaves cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. I want to read it over and over again when I have finished it!!!!!!

Tomas, 10

I like this book because you dont know whats going to happen next and it is very mysterious. I feel sorry for Clemency because her parents are dead. The book is so adventurous and I really want to know who follows Clemency.

Cameron J, 10

Its very good because a mysterious figure was following Clemency and its full of family secrets. Clemency the 11 year old orphan has no family except relatives in England because her mum and dad died. I also like it because at the end of every chapter there is a cliffhanger.

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