The Jade Boy

The Jade Boy

Written by Cate Cain

Published by Templar

Eleven-year-old Jem Green is a kitchen boy in the London household of a powerful duke, who spends most of his time doing unpleasant jobs and being shouted at by the other servants. But when the peculiar Count Cazalon arrives to see the Duke, Jem's humdrum life is dramatically disrupted.

 Befriending the Count's mistreated young ward, apprentice sorceress Ann, as well as the Count's servant Ptolemy, who has magical powers of his own, Jem begins to uncover a whole new world of strange and powerful magic - and terrible danger. Jem determines to find out what role Cazalon expects him to play in his sinister schemes, but the three children soon realise that it's down to them to stop the devastation the Count plans to wreak upon London.


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Evie, 11

This book had a very good starting chapter but as the storyline progressed it got very complicated and rather gruesome! This book is still a good book but if you don't like lots of gore then it's probably not for you.

Izzy, 11

I really liked this book at first but as it progressed it became a bit more gory. I think the plot of the story is good but I should be for a higher age group. Good book though if you don't mind gory stuff !

Bethany, 14

The Jade Boy was an exhilarating, exciting tale set in London 1666, The story told of a serving boy, a witch's daughter and a foreign prince who together learn the mysteries of an evil man who uses science and magic to make himself ruler of the world. It was based in the year of the Great Fire of London, which the children realise is part of the Count's evil plan. On the night of the fire at St Paul's Cathedral, they fight the Count and discover answers to their questions and a prophecy. The story was intriguing and unexpected, with a twist at every turn and a shock waiting at the end of every chapter.

Marnie , 11

I really liked the book at first but as the book progressed I found it quite gruesome! I think it could of had a better review if it was in the 12-14 category. Still an ok book.

Charlotte, 10

I didn't nessasarely like this book because it kept repeating itself and because it just wasn't interesting it is a mixed opinion book so you like it or you don't.

Molly , 10

I think this was ok but think it could stop repeating itself. The main aspects bought the story together but was a bit confusing. Overall it could have a better plot.

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