The Great Galloon

The Great Galloon

Written by Tom Banks

Published by Hot Key Books

Welcome to the Great Galloon, an enormous airship manned by a motley crew of humans and near-humans, captained by the legendary Meredith Ansthruther. Strange things are afoot onboard this great vessel. When the captain’s dastardly twin brother kidnaps his fiancée, an obsessive hunt begins. While the captain is plagued by the loss of his love, it is up to the crew and our hero Stanley Crumplehorn to find the answers to a number of mysterious questions: what is the mysterious creature living in the bowels of the ship? Why are they losing height so fast? What on earth is that terrible booming noise? And why is it getting louder?


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Faye , 9

This story is about a princess getting kidnapped by her grooms brother. The groom is the captain of the galloon and he tries to save her but there's a noise and the galloons sinking. My favourite part is when Abel Skyman says Cooks volunteered Rasmussen and Stanley to do all the chores because Abel then thinks he's really great. I like Brunt because you think he's really scary but he's actually really soft inside and emotional. I thought this was a good book and I would like to read it again.

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