Peck Peck Peck

Winner Peck Peck Peck

Written by Lucy Cousins

Illustrated by Lucy Cousins

Published by Walker Books

Reading age 5+ Interest level 1+

The new picture book from Lucy Cousins introduces readers to an enthusiastic and eager woodpecker who is being taught to peck by its dad. Off he goes to its first joyous adventure learning to peck results in a session of creative destruction! Little woodpecker pecks the door, pecks the hat, pecks the shirt and everything else he sees. With a brilliantly bouncy rhyming text, beautifully bold illustrations and pages increasingly filled with little holes freshly pecked, this is a perfect feel-good book for children.


Latest Reviews

Paige, 4

Funny pecking blue soap.

Lily, 3

Pecking jelly beans was fun.

Rayan, 4

Woodpecker could peck everything, so I don't want him to come to my house.

Elina, 4

It was sleepy.

William, 3

He was funny pecking the tree.

poppy, 7

Peck peck peck is a good book. And she pecked a lot of holes.I think three year olds would like to read it.

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