Written by Phil Earle

Published by Penguin

This is the harrowing tale of two brothers, Jammy and Sonny, whose lives are changed forever after Jammy joins the army and is sent to Afghanistan to fight for his country. We follow the boys as Jammy returns home, changed for good by the terrifying things he’s had to witness.Their old way of life is broken and Sonny has to do all he can to hold things together. But just how far will he go to save the brother who always put him first?

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Morgan, 12

A tale of two brothers, Sonny and Jammie. One goes to war in Afghanistan and the other stays at home and worries that his brother may be killed. He is fighting his own battles at home whilst trying to forget what his brother is up to. All he could think about was his brother's name being spelt out in poppies. The book is set in the Afghanistan war as well as back at home and is told by the brothers telling their story in alternating chapters. I would recommend this book teenagers and adults. The front cover of the book gives the reader an indication of the time in which the story is set.

Morgan, 12

At first, judging by the cover, I truely thought this book would be dull and boring. However, when I turned the corner I was blasted away by a thrilling story..... The book involved me inside the lifestyle of two teenage brothers, Jammy and Sonny. The teens arguesd alot in their home as the book quotes "We can always afford an argument". However, the lives of these two boys change when Jammy joins the army and leaves for Afghanistan. Jammy changes when he returns and doesn't take his brother for granted anymore. Jammy felt disturbed because of what he has witnessed in Afghanistan. Their old way of life is broken and Sonny has to do everyything he can to keep it all together. But how far can Sonny go? I think that this book will make a good film because it involves the reader in their way of living. On the other hand I think a film of the book will destroy the imagination of the book, becasue you imagine it differently in your head then you do in real life. I really enjoyed this book because it is in a different league to what i would normally read! I recommend it to everyone! I loved it!

Aaron, 12

I think that heroic is a very good book and has lots of good opportunites to become a good story. The one problem I have with this book its that it takes a very long time to get into and so is very annoying to start but is looking to be a good book to read.

Jack O'Rourke, 13

I have found this book very hard to get into and I also think that it is a bit complicated and hard to understand. However I think that other than this it is a brilliant book as it uses real life scenarios. i would probably reccommend this book to somebody who enjoys more complex tales.

Beatrice, 14

Admittedly when I begun this I was pessimistic. It just didn't seem like my cup of tea, nevertheless I thought it was only fair to give it a go. It grew on me quickly and I found myself engrossed and very glad that I had given it a chance. Although I can't imagine I would want to read it again, it was very emotional and poignant, so I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Ivanna, 14

This book is about Sonny and Jammy, two brothers and their friends that have faced a lot of things in “The Ghost” (Their hometown). Jammy has joined the army along with another member of their group called Tommo but they aren’t the only ones fighting a war because life becomes difficult for the ones at home too.

I think the genre for Heroic was meant to be action, but I felt it was more of a drama because it mainly talked about the character’s situations and emotions.

My favourite character was “Wayne”; there isn’t an actual reason for it – I just liked his simplicity, plus I couldn’t relate to any of the main characters.

The best part of the book was the beginning for me, which seems quite strange, but it was the only part that actually had quite a bit of tension and excitement, (In my opinion.) One thing I realised is that I had a lot of expectations from this book, because of the title, yet the only time the title made sense to me was in the late middle of the book and even then it took a while for any of my expectations to be met. Towards the end it got a lot better and the ending wasn’t all bad. Overall the book was quite disappointing and I thought that so much more could have been done to make it more interesting or exciting so I would give it a 2-3/5. The best age group I can think to recommend it to, is young high-school children like ages: 11 and above.

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