Dead Romantic

Dead Romantic

Written by CJ Skuse

Published by Chicken House

She's only just started sixth form college, but already everything seems to be going wrong for Camille. She can't get the boy she likes to notice her; her so-called best friends are obsessed with their new boyfriends; and worst of all, she's just completely humiliated herself at the Freshers' Party. Then she meets Zoe, and life takes a turn for the better. Maybe it's a bit strange to come across a new best friend digging things up in the graveyard in the dead of night, but although everyone at college says Zoe is weird, Camille is immediately drawn to her. Meanwhile she's still longing for the perfect boy who'll take her to the Halloween party and make everyone jealous. Then Zoe steps in with an unusual new idea that takes biology homework to a whole new level - she's going to create Camille's dream boy and bring him to life.


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Dion, 12

In this story the main character is Camille who went to a fresher's party at Hardoy College. Unfortunately because she wanted to impress a boy (Damian) and become one of the cool crowd she ends up doing a challenge which sounded quite disgusting! She ends up being laughed at and leaves the party only to stumble across a weird girl called Zoe scrapping at a grave. The two of them end up making an unusual partnership in their sometimes very amusing efforts in making the ideal boyfriend from an assortment of body parts. When the story ended, however, I felt like Hazel and Gus when they came to the end of 'An Imperial Affliction'. It was a definite 'aarrgghh! moment when I read the last sentence. They wanted to know what happens to Anna's friends but I want to know what becomes of SDB? Hazel and Gus worried about Sisyphus the Hamster - what about the hamsters running wild in college? Did they all burn to death? Did they escape? Will there be a second story? C.J.Skuse you need to answer my questions - do I need to visit you in Amsterdam to answer my questions or are you still in Weston- Super -Mare? A really good read- I loved it and hope others will too. I think boys as well as girls will enjoy it.

Emily Tutton, 13

Dead Romantic is a novel which includes romance, mystery and science. Have you ever considered creating a boyfriend? A Frankenstein inspired story about a girl who would kill for the perfect boyfriend. After she befriends the school science freak and people start going missing. She questions if she is doing the right thing.

Bethany, 14

I found that Dear Romantic was an exciting romance. The story was adventurous and dangerous and the romance gave it a nice twist. However, I found the characters unvbelievable despite the realistic set up, and the ending was a massive cliffhanger. I would like to find out if there is a second book. This is one of the few romances I will put up with and I'm glad I read it.

Ore, 14

I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5. Dead romantic is about a girl called Camille who loses her friends and is rejected by the boy she loves and it is like all hope is lost. Until, she meets Zoe, a great scientist and her new friend. Together they create the most perfect man…

The genre of this novel will be mostly romance with a bit of horror. The main characters of this novel are Zoe and Camille. Camille is just a normal girl who is looking for the ‘perfect man’ but we all know that is hard to find. She yearns for the company of a friend and a man who is caring especially since her friends leave her for their won boyfriends. Zoe is the complete opposite and enjoys her own company. And she knows the real truth about her father and wants to carry on his work. She is very smart and confident in herself. When the tow of them join together to work on something amazing they become the most unusual type of friends. My favourite character is literally every character in the book since all of them do not have a definite characteristic or their behaviour does not stay the same throughout the story which changes my perception of the characters. This makes the novel more interesting. I actually enjoyed the book even though I am not really fond of romance novels however, this book had an edge and did not follow the main plot of all love stories so that’s why I really liked it. I would honestly not change anything about this book except maybe I would not write about Zoe’s past to make it more dramatic and mysterious or I would tell bits and pieces so Camille does not know everything and it would seem like Zoe could not be trusted. I really hope a second book will come out because the suspense at the end was great! I would definitely recommend this book to and age group of 10 to 16 years of age and I would be most suitable for girls. However, some boys could try it out and enjoy it.

Abi, 11

I think Dead Romantic has a good idea for a plot, but not many good writing techniques are used, and it doesn't have a very good ending. Also, the blurb is very misleading, as what it says on the blurb doesn't actually happen, just what crosses the main characters mind. Also, I found the main character very shallow and dim.

Barnaby + Rob, 14

We believed after reading the blurb that this book would be a funny insight into a Frankenstein-like fictional romance. However what we got from this book was a rather uninteresting fiction book that focused too much on the setup and less on what the blurb promised us, which sounded like an interesting book. Overall there are many better books out there instead of this, which delivers very little in terms of comedy and action.

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